Discriminatory issues within policies: strategies to address

Discriminatory issues within policies: strategies to address

First, select discriminatory issues within policies, analyze that program or policy, explain strategies to address the issues, and recommend improvements. Keeping in mind that policy change does not happen in a vacuum, you will also format these recommendations as an audiovisual presentation for policymakers, clearly presenting the case for your chosen improvements. 

Select and explain a program or policy that you believe oppresses, alienates, or discriminates.  Explain why you think this is the case. Use your current knowledge and skills in regards to program and policy evaluation.

Analysis of discriminatory issues within policies

Analyze the discriminatory issues within policies that you have selected. Further, do so by applying the three evaluation criteria, adequacy, equity, and efficiency, from Chambers and Bonk (2013).


Recommend improvements or enhancements to the program or policy, converting it to a policy or program meant to create privilege and/or power.

First, create an audiovisual presentation designed to influence those in power to consider changing the discriminatory issues within policies. Morever, the final format of this presentation is up to you. Additionally, a straightforward approach would be to create a PowerPoint presentation, enable the record function, and narrate through the presentation as if you were delivering it live.

Narration preparation

To prepare for the narration, it is helpful to write a script or notes. Additionally, include these talking points in the Notes section of the corresponding slides of the presentation. This will also ensure that, in case there are any problems with your recording for the discriminatory issues within policies.

For your audio recording, you may use the options under the Audio button within PowerPoint, Kaltura, Zoom. Alternatively, you can use any other method of recording that is available to you. When submitting your assignment for grading, be certain that all necessary files are attached in the assignment area. Alternatively, If you cannot complete the audio portion of your assignment, please contact the instructor for an alternative. Finally, utilize the links in the Resources to assist you with creating an effective presentation. S