Day: June 19, 2022

is it ethical for businesses to target uninformed consumers?
Online Storage methods

Online Storage methods- Best Answer 2022

This paper explores different types of online storage methods, with a focus on how they work and the benefits they offer over physical storage drives. There are many reasons to consider using an online storage method instead of a physical storage drive. One reason is that online storage provides convenience and accessibility. You can access
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What Textbooks Should Emphasize
Security Management

Security Management- Best Answer 2022

This paper assesses how security management affects the past present and future. Security management is the process of identifying, assessing, and responding to security risks. It includes the development and implementation of policies and procedures to protect people, property, and information. Security management is a dynamic process that must constantly adapt to changing conditions and
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Organizational behavior

Organizational behavior- Best Answer 2022

This final paper focuses on Organizational behavior. You are required to apply at least ONE topic from the course to attempt to solve a specific problem that exists in an organization with which you are familiar. That problem should center on either a job performance issue or an organizational commitment issue. The final paper should
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Why are People with mental illnesses treated unfairly by society
Different Offender Populations Reflection
Psychotropic Medication

Psychotropic Medication used to Treat Schizoaffective Disorder- Best Answer 2022

The goal of this assignment is for you to develop expertise in the entire process of producing and utilizing psychotropic medication. A minimum of 5-6 credible references (e.g., governmental websites, peer-reviewed journal article publications) must be used. Students will select a psychiatric disability and describe the following: o    Overview of the disorder o   
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The dangers of bringing weapons to school
Origin and the development of fake news

Origin and the development of “fake news”  in the Maragtas story and the Code of Kalantiaw- Best Answer 2022

This paper explores the origins and development of "fake news" in the Maragtas story and the Code of Kalantiaw. It begins by tracing the history of these two texts, from their creation to their spread throughout the Philippines and beyond. It then looks at how "fake news" has been used to distort or misrepresent the content of these texts, often for political gain. Finally, it discusses some possible solutions to the problem of "fake news", including greater transparency and accountability on the part of those who create and disseminate it.

Origin and the development of "fake news"

The Maragtas story and the Code of Kalantiaw are two of the most important texts in Philippine history. They were both created during the early years of the Philippine archipelago, and they have both been used to shape the way that subsequent generations have understood their country's past. However, in recent years, these texts have come under attack from those who seek to distort or misrepresent their content for political gain. As a result, it has become increasingly difficult for ordinary Filipinos to know what to believe about their own history. This problem was brought into sharp relief during the 2016 presidential election when then-candidate Rodrigo Duterte made numerous false claims about the Maragtas story and the Code of Kalantiaw. Duterte claimed, for example, that the Maragtas story proved that he was descended from a royal line, and that the Code of Kalantiaw contained a law that made it legal to kill criminals. These claims were quickly debunked by historians, but they nevertheless served to sow confusion and mistrust among the general public. The spread of "fake news" about the Maragtas story and the Code of Kalantiaw is a direct result of the fact that these texts are not widely available in English. While there are several translations of the Maragtas story and the Code of Kalantiaw available online, most of them are of poor quality or are unreliable. This lack of access has allowed those with an agenda to manipulate these texts for their own gain. One way to combat the spread of "fake news" is to make sure that the Maragtas story and the Code of Kalantiaw are more widely available in English. This would allow more people to read and understand these important texts for themselves, and it would make it harder for those with ulterior motives to distort their content. Additionally, greater transparency and accountability on the part of those who create and disseminate "fake news" would also help to reduce its spread. However, ultimately, it is up to each individual to be critical of the information that they consume and to check its accuracy for themselves.
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