Day: June 1, 2022

Financing and Distribution of Movies
Blockbusters and Independent films
The invention of Television
The United States v. Paramount Pictures
Citizen Kane

Citizen Kane: Written Assignment 2_FIL-110-OL009 [ Best Answer]

Citizen Kane: Written Assignment 2_FIL-110-OL009 Write an essay of 500 to 750 words (2 to 3 pages) on the following topic: Discuss the ways in which Citizen Kane challenged the traditional narrative and technical elements of classic Hollywood cinema. Give specific examples using appropriate cinematic terminology. Develop your argument in your own words, but draw on specific
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Trolling: Writing Assignment 4_ETH-230-OL014 [ Best Answer]

Trolling: Writing Assignment 4_ETH-230-OL014 After reviewing the Study Materials for this module on free speech, trolls, and disinformation campaigns, consider your own experience online. Have you or someone you know ever had an experience with challenging online phenomena like trolling cyber-hate speech, or disinformation campaigns? Who do you think should be responsible for overseeing the
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China’s Social Credit System
Digital Technology Log
Categorical and Consequentialist Reasoning

Categorical and Consequentialist Reasoning: Writing Assignment 1_ ETH-230-OL014 [ Best Answer]

Categorical and Consequentialist Reasoning: Writing Assignment 1_ ETH-230-OL014 In the lecture “Justice: What’s the Right Thing to Do,” Harvard professor Michael Sandel discusses two types of moral reasoning: categorical and consequentialist. Categorical moral reasoning is a type of deontological moral reasoning based on rights and duties regardless of the consequences. Consequentialist moral reasoning bases morality on the consequences of an act rather than the act itself. Sandel describes what is often called the “trolley dilemma.”

Categorical and Consequentialist Reasoning

With the advent of self-driving vehicles, we
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Ethics-Discussion Forum 1_ETH-230-OL014

Ethics-Discussion Forum 1_ETH-230-OL014 In Discussion Forum 1, post your response to the following discussion question. Make sure your initial post is substantive (200-300 words). Reply to at least two classmates’ responses substantively (100-150 words) by the date indicated in the Course Calendar. After reviewing the resources, “What Is Ethics?” and The Significance of Ethics and Ethics Education in
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