Pharmaceutical industry

Pharmaceutical industry

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 Description An Argument Essay. Write a paper on the position persuading your audience in a positive way ( First position is Pharmaceutical Industry are accountable for opioids epidemic.) Use round arguments (definition, testimony and authority, cause and consequence, agony) ethos, pathos, logos

Machiavelli’s the prince

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Read Niccolò Machiavelli’s The Prince (in The Portable Machiavelli) and discuss how Machiavelli uses one of the following three approaches: 1) humanism, 2) secularism, or 3) naturalism. Paper should be 7 pages (double-spaced). *can use as many sources as the writer needs to

The Ethical Educator

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 —— A. With your group, develop a brief synthesizing definition/description of Klenke’s (2007) authentic leadership model. Write the definition below. B. Klenke’s model has three identity constructs that each have three sub-constructs. Klenke has provided 9 propositions that give definition to the terms. Each team member will select two (2) different sub-constructs and propositions, then
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Emile durkhiem

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Description  The 1st page needs to be about his life The 2nd and 3rd pages needs to be about one of his ideas ( suicide ) The 4th and 5th pages need to be about another idea of his (social fact) .

Leadership and Strategy

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both from “leadership and strategy understanding, planning and implementing” this book, if the writer has this book will be easy to finish it. There is no need to complete 17 pages. Just make sure to answer 17 questions in single spacing. However, the would count has to be not less than 7-8 pages.


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Description Expository Essay Conducts an analysis of a book and states the intent of the book. OVERVIEW Introduction: typical introduction working from general “hook” to a specific thesis Paragraph 1: Summarize the book Paragraph 2: Describe the author’s position/intent (what was the author trying to prove/explain in this novel…in other words, why did they write
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Martha is a 65-year-old woman who recently retired from her job as an administrative assistant at a local hospital

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Martha is a 65-year-old woman who recently retired from her job as an administrative assistant at a local hospital. Her medical history is significant for hypertension, which has been controlled for years with hydrochlorothiazide. She reports that lately she is having a lot of trouble sleeping, she occasionally feels like she has a “racing heartbeat,”
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Importance of Social Work

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  Explain six main roles of social workers in the long-term care setting are as follows: informational, case manager, coordination, enabler, intervention, and advocacy. Select two (2) of the listed roles and compare and contrast the main responsibilities associated with them. 2. Determine which of the six (6) roles is best suited overall for working directly
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