How is History Made? Individual vs. Circumstance

How is History Made? Individual vs. Circumstance

Some historians argue that individuals — such as Napoleon or Hitler — are the driving motors of history.  Others disagree and posit that instead these famous individuals emerge into the spotlight and create unprecedented change because of historical circumstances.  In this assignment, you will choose one historical figure, watch a series of videos about the individual’s early life and career and decide if it was the individual who made history or whether historical events, including prevailing ideas at the time and personal circumstances, shaped the individual.  Here are your choice

After watching the videos, using your textbook and doing outside research, write a coherent essay answering examining the issue of individual vs. circumstances.  Some questions to consider while writing your essa


How did the actions of your chosen historical figure shape the course of history?

                                    How was this individual shaped by the historical times in which they lived or                                        other circumstances in his life?

                                    Which has played a greater role in determining the shape of history — ideas or                                            individuals?