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How is History Made? Individual vs. Circumstance

Some historians argue that individuals — such as Napoleon or Hitler — are the driving motors of history.  Others disagree and posit that instead these famous individuals emerge into the spotlight and create unprecedented change because of historical circumstances.  In this assignment, you will choose one historical figure, watch a series of videos about the
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Richard Nixon’s foreign policy

1.    foreign policy Nixon was the president during the cold war and focused on the following countries: Soviet Union, China, Vietnam, the Middle East, and Pakistan. A.      The Nixon doctrine                      i.            The Nixon Doctrine shifted the main responsibility for the defense of an ally, to the ally itself, especially regarding combat. The United States would work
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Leadership style Essay- The Diverse Workplace and leadership

This is a Leadership style Essay that provides a description of the differences in culture and diversity by using Cultural Dimensions. Description The workplace is becoming more culturally diverse. It is important for leaders to understand and manage these differences in workplace culture and diversity. •Describe a time when you experienced culture or diversity differences
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